Especially for Children’s Librarians




You will have a choice for your 2015 Summer Reading – either “Jazzy Strings” or “Stories from Aunt Nelly’s Mountain Home”.

Here is a little about each of the shows.  Both are appropriate for all ages.

 Jazzy Strings: a wonderful mixture of puppetry and the music of the early 20th century.  Each piece of Big Band, Dixieland and RagSailor-Dark-Greentime music seem to have been written just for the puppet that performs to it. Katrina flies on her trapeze to George Gershwin’s wonderful “Rhapsody in Blue”; a special Hula Dancer teams up with Spike Jones and his “Hawaiian War Chant”, Mr. Bones falls apart when he hears Scott Joplin’s fabulous Ragtime, and many more.


Stories from Aunt Nelly’s Mountain Home

Aunt Nelly’s porch is the best place to learn about life on the Blue Ridge.  Why don’t you’ll come up and set a spell!

This production features storytelling as well as traditional marionette variety acts.  Enjoy the music, from Bluegrass to Classical that will remind youAuntNelly of the Southern Appalachian.  Some of the characters you will meet include Nelly’s brother, a fantastic Fiddler, and a farmer that goes to pieces on the job.